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Brad Noble Machine Co. was the predecessor to Trim-Tec and was founded in my grandfather’s garage on his dairy farm in 1977. We started manufacturing hoof trimming supplies & tools in 1983. We came up with the first rotary carbide insert hoof trimming wheel in 1987. This wheel had (12) 4 sided replaceable carbide inserts. This wheel gave time back to the hoof trimmer, because he no longer needed to sharpen a disc. You simply loosened the screw holding the insert and rotated the dull edge with a sharp edge. This was a lifesaver when it came to cow hoof trimming. They could now trim 80-100 cows per day which was a significant increase from the other methods they had been previously using, getting only 20-30 cows per day with other cattle foot trimming equipment. There was nothing like our hoof trimming supplies at the time. After working with hundreds of hoof trimmers and getting their feedback we improved our design and made the Shaver. This was a 16 oz., 4 ½” stainless steel wheel with 6 inserts on the bottom and 4 inserts on the top, making the wheel cut on both sides. Having the inserts cut on both sides of the wheel proved once again to be a time saver and improved the hoof trimmers performance. We still use this feature in our wheels today.

From the 1990’s into the 21st century, we manufacture lightweight and very durable titanium wheels. The Titanium Titan, the Titanium Hog, the Adjustable Wheel, and the Shaver ll. These wheels have set the standard for rotary hoof trimmers throughout the world. We have provided hoof trimming tools for thousands of hoof trimmers.

In 2010 the XD Hog and the XD Titan were introduced. The XD Titanium wheels are the sum of 30 years of experience and are lightweight, extremely strong, and have the highest quality and value. Beginning in 2013 we will produce our wheels with two 5 axis machining centers one high-speed turning center all coupled with a Fanuc six-axis Robot for loading and unloading machines, this will give you the most competitive pricing in the world market.

We are a family business with my son Mckay working by my side. Our commitment to you remains the same: to provide the best performance, quality, and most advanced hoof trimming supplies, tools, materials, all at the best value. We will continue to innovate new products for our hoof trimming friends around the world. Visit our online store to see all of our cow hoof trimming gear and place an order for the highest quality equipment available on the market today.

Brad Noble, Mckay Noble, and family

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"Excellent, flawless equipment, never have any problems with any of trimming wheels, prices are also very good ."

-Chuck Neece